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Serene Holistic

Flat therapy table - with new foam and vinyl including complete table check from £160.00
For further information regarding our 'service and repair' please contact our offices on +44 (0)1707872802 or email us at or

Service Service
SERVICE: We Service Starlight tables and can cost anything from £90.00 to £180.00; we would need to access the table before we can give you an accurate cost of service required.
REPAIR: Crack to the core of the table: £35.00 per crack for small cracks, and up to £60. For larger cracks; if the crack goes all the way across we would have to access the table and see if it can be repaired and the cost of repair, please note some cracks are not repairable.
VINYL: Some vinyl's are glued if we need to remove the vinyl to do any repairs it is difficult to glue back in which case we would use staples to secure the vinyl back, we do take care to make sure the staples do not show too much. Customers with old Starlight tables please note when tables come in for repairs we do not take responsibility for any damage which might be on the vinyl.
BOOKING COLLECTION / DELIVERY: To book a service email us and we will send you information on how to organise courier service as we do not organise collection or delivery for service or repair tables. We only accept electronic payment for service and repair, if you wish to pay via PayPal let us know and we will raise an invoice via PayPal with 3.4% additional charge for PayPal fee. We do not have cold callers under any circumstances at our collection / delivery address.